Transcription / Fast, accurate, and just one price for all audio.

Why use Words in Minutes for transcription?

Just one price for all audio.

Typically, transcription companies have highly variable pricing based on many factors such as quality of recording, number of speakers, turnaround requirements, or subject matter being discussed.  For instance, another transcription company may charge you significantly more if your audio is not professionally recorded, has several speakers, has a speaker who speaks heavily accented English, has a speaker who is talking about “spondylolisthesis,” and/or if you require verbatim transcripts or next day versus two to three days’ turnaround.  Words in Minutes uses just one price for all transcription services regardless of these variables.  This not only eliminates the subjectivity that goes into determining what is a professional or clear recording or what is “accented” English, but it also reflects the speed, accuracy, and experience of the person who will be transcribing for you.

100% accuracy.

All transcripts are 100% accurate including “umms” and “uhhs.”  That is, all transcripts are verbatim by default, unless you specify otherwise. If a word is difficult to hear or decipher, and reasonable attempts to figure it out fail, the missing word will be highlighted using Microsoft Word’s “comment” feature with a comment on what the word sounds like and at what point in the audio file (if digital audio) the word was spoken.

Experience producing technical transcripts.

Andrew Jacob–well, let’s drop the third person here–I have ample experience transcribing highly technical speech for medical reports for insurance and legal audiences as well as for research carried out by healthcare institutions and academics.  I’ll understand what you’re saying, and you’ll get your transcript when you need it.


Well, what does it cost?

Words in Minutes’ fee for any and all audio recording transcription services is $2.50 per audio minute.  For transcription of printed material (e.g. books or unbound documents), Words in Minutes’ fee is $50 per hour.  For more information on Words in Minutes’ pricing and how hourly rates are calculated for transcription of non-audio materials, please click here.


How it Works

For audio recordings, if your material (dictation, lecture, etc.) is already recorded, simply send Words in Minutes your digital audio file(s) using email for smaller files or Dropbox links for larger files.  For material yet to be dictated, send your dictation in the form of a voice note in Evernote, or simply call it in.  Please contact Andrew now if you have any questions about how this works.

For cassettes, microcassettes, books, unbound documents, or any other physical media to be transcribed, these materials must be couriered or mailed to Words in Minutes.  Mailed or couriered materials will be returned to you in the manner that they were sent once the job is complete.

To obtain Words in Minutes’ mailing address or to send in your audio files, Dropbox links, or Evernote recordings, or if you have a question, contact Andrew now!